Brand Marketing Strategy – Brand Building For You

Creating a brand marketing strategy for a home based business might sound too “corporate” for some, but building a brand in Internet marketing and home business niche might be even more crucial than it is for bigger corporations.

You have to remember from the get go that you are not promoting any single MLM company or direct sales company. You are promoting yourself which means that you need some branding objectives to differentiate yourself from thousands of other home based business entrepreneurs.

Today, people who search for a home business online are very Internet savvy. They see hundreds of great looking sites and also beautiful corporate sites. Does that mean that your website has to look like million dollars and you have to hire someone to build you a brand of You.Inc?

Luckily no. In most cases, people who are looking for a home based business are also looking for a personal touch, someone to connect with. Most have no experience with Internet marketing or home based business and they are looking for someone they can connect with.

Once they land on a page that offers real information and most importantly personality, they feel connection that doesn’t happen on flashy corporate sites. I guess one can say it’s Law Of Attraction, but that has been so overused lately so let’s just call it personal connection.

Building A Brand – How To Start

Naturally, when we are talking about building a brand on a home business niche, it’s not on the same scale as corporations do, but the brand marketing strategy is literally the same. Building a brand online is not difficult, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

Here are few starting tips for building a brand of You.Inc

1. Your Photo

Having a photo on your site is the most important part of your brand building. Just imagine going to a home business website. Studies show that About Me page draws a lot of attention. It is just basic human psychology. We, as humans, are curious to see who we are dealing with. It might feel uncomfortable, but if you are serious about building a direct response marketing business your personality must come first.

If you are using WordPress to build your site it is very simple to add a photo to your About Me page. If your photo is not the right size there are a lot of great free tools online which help you to resize your photo. Just Google it.

2. Video And Audio

One step forward from your photo. Video is the best branding tool online and you should definitely consider using it. This is very uncomfortable for many, but it doesn’t have to be a movie masterpiece. In fact, you can make a very short welcome video and that makes a huge impression to your website visitors. If video is too much for you right now, make a short audio welcome. Again, lots of great tools available for this and you probably have most on your computer already. For audio, there is a great tool called Audacity which is free.

3. Content Is King Online

The whole Internet is based on content and keywords. You should start adding more content to your website from day 1 of your business and also spread your content all over the Net, with your signature file pointing readers back to your site.

Making written word uniquely you is not as easy as video and audio and if your niche is not the most exciting in the world, it can be very difficult. Again, just like with creating your brand with photo, you can add personality to your articles with stories, quotes, jokes and your own personal experiences. All these go a long way to add YOU into the article.

If it feels difficult right now, don’t worry, you’ll learn it along the way. Right now, it is most important just to get your name out there, so start writing something and get it on your site and other article sites online. You will be amazed how quickly this starts building your brand.

4. Social Media

This is also a great way to build your brand. If you are a people person, social media is your best way building a brand. Just remember that you are building a business brand. Social media can be a huge timewaster, so plan some time for it, do it within that time and move on to other things. Be efficient and remember how you would like to be seen online. Always remember that you are building a brand for yourself, so act accordingly.

5. Build A Branding Blog

Actually, this should have been number 1. Building a branding blog is crucial. It is very easy. Build a simple WordPress blog, pick a nice looking theme and start adding content. WordPress is definitely the one you should use and you should also pick up a domain name and hosting right from the start.

Try to find a catchy and name. is a great start, but if that is taken you can try or This depends on your business of course. If you are building a network marketing blog these are great choices, but you can also pick names that are niche based.

Finally, branding yourself can seem like a lot of work, but it all takes place eventually, taking small steps every day. The most important thing building your business online is taking those daily steps, however small. After a year those small steps have grown into a massive effort that brings you website traffic and additional business without any further costs. And the end result is increased profits which is the goal of any business.

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